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When the well-being of your children is at stakes, it becomes imperative to make the right choices. At Collins & Collins, L.L.P.; we are experts in family law and our attorneys will be able to provide guidance and legal counsel to ensure that your child’s interests are protected and enforced.

Understanding Child Support Cases

What is a IV – D Case?

A IV – D case which is named after the section of the federal law that requires states to help mothers collect or establish child support. In Maricopa County, there are special courts set up to deal with IV – D cases. The State represents the mother solely as to issues related to child support.

Other important considerations in this type of cases may include:
It is very important that any petition to modify child support is recorded on court files.
IN some cases, you may file an Affidavit of Direct Payment.
Custody is now called decision making.
In the case that the father’s attorney requests a meeting, it is important that you go with a state’s attorney present.
If you need to pay attorney fees due to the father’s lack of cooperation, our experienced child support lawyers could ask for the Court to make him pay some of your attorney’s fees. Please note that this resource is in the sole discretion of the court.